There has been an increasing number of driveways scams and other crimes among local communities. May these scams not include you. 

A local source gives an example that victimizes elderlies by making them buy products and presenting these acts as side hustles. These acts can also include your driveway paving repairs and resurfacing services. 

A friendly neighbor can offer acts of service to repair a crack on your front porch, sidewalks, or entryways. Or a random guy provides a new service in town that can help you with your outdoor concrete. 

But are you sure that you are relying on the right team? How do you know you are talking to a trusted local contractor such as Concrete Driveway Atlanta?

Concrete driveway in a residential space

Check for the Signs Before You Fall Into a Scam.

Knowing what to look out for and not be victims of these scams is essential.
Below are a few practical tips and things to look out for when scammers are trying to rip you off! Here are things you need to know as concrete driveway owners.

Check for Credentials to See if They are Real Contractors

Some concrete driveway repair scams come as helpful brochures or calling cards. But you need to find out if they have the proper credentials as a license or certification that they are concrete driveway resurfacing or repair pros.

Ask for insurance and other supporting documents.

Do not be a victim of malicious service or sales talk by asking for the right credentials.

When They Say “Extra Sealcoat or Extra Concrete”

This is a scam. 100%! Never fall for “extra” & free offers. You can tell in an instant if a service provider is scammy.

They place extra offers on top of one another. That makes their service look cheap. Only to be scammed at the end.

You could hear them say they can “put extra seal coat” or extra layers of concrete or asphalt on your driveway. That is your signal. Think twice and take a few steps back.

When They Offer Service on the Spot

Men sealing asphalt driveway cracks

You may be washing your car on the driveway, and someone suddenly comes to you to offer a driveway service. It could be to repair, clean, or polish the surface. And another type of outdoor concrete service.

Do not hire anyone on the spot. If you notice that the offer helps you at that exact moment and you also notice cracks or holes in the driveway that need sealing or filling, do your due diligence first.

It is best to hire a trusted company and repair team for this type of job for you.

There are easier for you not to be a victim of scams. You can arm yourself with the right information and knowledge about the required process and materials when you need driveway resurfacing and other repair services.

Arm Yourself Not to be the Victim

When you are familiar with the steps and process of a driveway repair, concrete sealing, paving, or asphalt repair, you can arm yourself with bullet strikes of queries.

If you are relentless, that may make the scammers run far from you.

Strike them with these unswerving questions:

  • Do you have work permits?
  • How many projects have you done before?
  • Please give some successful repairs you have completed.
  • How long will the project take?
  • What specific material is suitable for my driveway?
  • What type of crack or damage did you assess in my driveway?
  • What is your basic cost?
  • What is a driveway crack repair cost vs. resurfacing?
  • Will there be extra fees for your labor?

Say Goodbye to Scams

Say goodbye to scams and be a victim no more. For additional information, be aware of your local policies and news. Your city may give you hints or warnings against street peddlers and unregistered businesses.

Lastly, be aware of who are the common targets. If you often do your active by the driveways, you are on the radar of fraudulent street sale talkers and random service advertisers.

The best way is always to ensure that there is no need for repairs to concrete driveway by maintaining its look. It tells scammy services that you got dependable and high-quality driveway finishing done by top concrete driveway Atlanta artisans. 

If you have a polished and seamless driveway surface, no one will ever think your driveway needs work.

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