Efficient But Affordable Concrete Repair Solutions in Atlanta, GA


In the past, when concrete surfaces get damaged, the only option to make it functional again is to replace the whole concrete slab. Although it is still an available option now, it is not the most recommended one, unless the damage is irreparable. For minor damage, property owners can now choose among a range of concrete applications that are efficient and affordable. These solutions provide many benefits and are also highly aesthetic. What’s not to love?

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Reliable Decorative Concrete Options

Concrete is a durable material but it can acquire damage over time. The cause may vary from usage, exposure to harmful elements, or whatever causes damage to concrete. Resurfacing or refinishing the surface are effective solutions. These can definitely take care of any surface damage. However, if it involves a deeper problem, say, a damaged steel structure underneath, then replacing the entire slab is more appropriate. For cracks, holes, and other damage on the surface, decorative coatings and overlays can be used. Here are some of the most common damages and the ideal concrete resurfacing or refinishing solution that most decorative concrete company would recommend:

  • Cracks – These are very predictable in concrete. However, there are two types. Working cracks are those that recur and continuously have movement. These are caused by moving soil or water underneath the slab. Since it is caused by nature and can’t really be stopped, expansion joints or scorelines are added into the slab to give it room to move and to prevent new cracks from forming. Non-working cracks, on the other hand, are cracks that do not recur. These are often caused by impact, improper compaction of subgrade, or a wrong water-cement ratio when mixing. These can be fixed by a coating or overlay, like stamped overlay, spray texture and epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic for indoor floors.
  • Scaling – This is characterized by bits of thin concrete chipping off of a surface. This weakening of the surface is often caused by freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salt. Often, this weak layer is ground off during patio repair and refinishing before an overlay or coating is applied. It can also be done for concrete pool deck, garage floor and driveway repair.
  • Staining and Discoloration – Whether it is caused by red wine, coffee, grease, or paint, stains can definitely ruin the appeal of a good concrete surface. Because of its high porosity, the pigments of the liquid are absorbed, causing a permanent mark of where the spill was. Concrete staining can cover that up while enhancing the surface. Acid and water-based stains both can work efficiently, be it indoors or out.

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