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It is important for concrete surfaces to be aesthetically pleasing. It is possible for any patio, pool deck, interior concrete floors, or driveway to be as functional as it is appealing. Atlanta decorative concrete can definitely make that happen. Financial capability is not even an issue since the decorative concrete provides affordable solutions for residential or commercial surfaces, be it indoors or out.

Old and slightly damaged slabs can be restored with the variety of decorative coatings and overlays available nowadays. Property owners can choose from a wide selection of designs, patterns, and colors, making it possible to acquire the exact look that one is hoping for. Stamping a concrete overlay with decorative concrete stamp patterns and textures can enhance any driveway or patio concrete. A spray texture would definitely benefit a pool deck, thanks for its non-skid texture and cool surface. Epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic creates very durable surfaces with just a thin layer of material. Stains provide a wider selection of colors for staining concrete slabs.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Atlanta Decorative Concrete Work

Our decorative concrete contractor provides several affordable options. Each project, however, could be really affordable or more expensive depending the factors involved, such as:

  • Color – The price may vary based on the type of coloring agent used. For concrete stains, it will also depend on whether the acid or water-based stain is chosen. The number of colors used and the method of application could also affect total costs.
  • Pattern – The more complex the pattern, the more costly it will be. More so if the pattern involves custom engraving or scoring. For basic patterns using pre-made stamp mats, the cost may be more inexpensive. Stamped concrete floors are an example of this. Our decorative concrete service may help you with this project.
  • Size of Job – The larger the space or slab, the higher the total cost. Larges spaces require a larger amount of material, more manpower, and a longer time to complete. There are rare cases, though, when smaller spaces cost more. Polishing floors in very small and cramped spaces, for example, can be quite difficult because the grinding equipment won’t fit and only one or two people can fit within the space. This may incur charges because the contractor needs to customize a plan to make it possible.
  • Custom Add-Ons – Extra surface preparation cleaning or concrete repairs will incur additional charges. Also, customization requests will also add to the total cost. 

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Isn’t it amazing how wide the selection is for enhancing and repairing concrete floors and surfaces today? Decorative concrete makes the selection a lot more interesting by providing impressively stunning and functional options that are durable and affordable. Atlanta Concrete Artisans is a local concrete contractor that provides decorative concrete refinishing, resurfacing and repair services for residential and commercial locations in the area. Our 20+ years of experience, coupled with the skills we have acquired, are reflected in every space we work on.

We believe that you deserve top-quality results, and we also know that it does not have to involve spending a huge amount of your hard-earned money. Want to know your decorative concrete resurfacing options? Call us and we will schedule a complimentary consultation and quote for you.

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