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A house is a home if it looks and feels like one. If the floors are looking old and ugly, it wouldn’t be as comfortable to look at and walk on, would it? Hardwood floors and concrete are a perfect option and you’ll never go wrong with it! But before you cover that up with tile, carpet, or any other high-end material, take decorative concrete into consideration. This includes different resurfacing and refinishing systems that can renew your residential flooring at a more economical cost. Not only will concrete and hardwood floors be durable and economical, there are also a plenty of designs and styles to choose from that may suit your taste!

Imagine concrete floors that relax you and lasts long enough to be enjoyed by future generations in your family. With just a coating or an overlay, this kind of floor installation is very much possible.

Why Choose Decorative Concrete for Residential Floors?

Gone are the days when only the walls and ceilings got all the attention. Although you just walk on floors, it deserves as much TLC as other areas in your home. But why, of all flooring and paving materials, should decorative concrete be at the top of your list?

  • No matter what look or theme you are going for, it can be made possible with decorative concrete. The wide selection of colors, patterns, and even textures give homeowners the opportunity to make their vision become a reality.
  • Coatings and overlays let you keep your current concrete surfaces. Now, that is sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • The improved form and function will significantly increase the value of your entire property.
  • Decorative concrete is a more affordable option as compared to replacing the entire slab or adding expensive materials on top.
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Top Residential Concrete Surfaces to Resurface and Refinish

There are many concrete spaces in a residential property that could benefit from decorative concrete. The important thing is to have a pro assess the area first to make sure that it is eligible for a resurfacing or refinishing. Coatings and overlays can be installed in:

  • Patios – These outdoor spaces must have the same comfort and homey appearance that an indoor living room has. A stamped stone or spray texture surface will transform any patio into an ideal living space.
  • Pool Decks – Safety is a crucial factor when deciding what to do with a pool deck. A spray-down or stamping system can create a textured surface that is slip-resistant but comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet.
  • Driveways – A driveway plays a huge role in enhancing curb appeal. Also, it is an important space because it connects your home to the rest of the world outside; the only place to drive your car in and out. It needs a surface with good traction and a strong resistance to grease and oil stains. A stamped or sprayed overlay can do all that, plus awesome concrete driveway designs Atlanta GA and more.
  • Garage Floors – Forget about those snap-on and interlocking garage flooring materials. If you want something that could hold out despite all the work and activity that goes on in a garage, then epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic are your best options.
  • Basement – The basement floor is probably one of the most neglected surfaces in the house. If there are moisture issues or if it is unlevel, concrete repair can be done before an overlay or coating can be installed.
  • Interior Floors – Concrete stains are highly recommended for transforming indoor floors into elegant surfaces worthy of a place in a 5-star luxury hotel. Water-based stains are great to use if you want a uniform color. Acid stains, on the other hand, create random shades and effects because of the natural chemical reaction that occurs between the concrete and stain.
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Investing your home is a good move, whether your intention is to stay or sell. Let Atlanta Concrete Artisans help make your home a better and safer place to live in. We specialize in installing residential epoxy flooring, stamped concrete, stained concrete, spray knockdown texture, and polyurea polyaspartic coatings. We have over 20 years of experience working on both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.

Want a quote? Need ideas or flooring options? Have questions? We are just a call away for your flooring needs in the Atlanta area. We offer a free estimate and consultation.


If you are looking for a surface that will last for a long time but will remain good as new with low maintenance, go with decorative concrete. You can install this on patios, driveways, pool deck, garage, basement, and even for your interior floors. 

Carpet tile is one of the easiest floors you can DIY. The only tools you need are a tape measure, chalk line, and utility knife. However, carpet tile attracts dust that can form molds over time; you can replace the dirty ones, but you might do this often. You should consider investing in floors with low-maintenance materials. 

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