Atlanta Concrete Refinishing Options: Residential & Commercial Spaces in GA

It is no secret that concrete is very porous. It is because of this porosity that makes it prone to stains and discoloration. Whatever spills on the surface, paint, coffee, wine, or oil, will penetrate the surface, getting into those pores, and stay put. Scrubbing and degreasing, no matter how tedious, will not be able to take it off completely. A stain is not a good enough reason to replace the slab unless there is a more terrible damage involved. One thing is for sure though: it is very frustrating to have to deal with a stained surface for the rest of your life.

Decorative concrete resurfacing and refinishing can change all that. Renewing the finish on a concrete slab can remove or mask off stains and discoloration effectively. The great thing about this option is that it restores the existing slab, breathes new life into it, and extends its lifespan for several more years.

To Refinish or to Resurface?

These two terms are often mistaken for one another. Decorative concrete resurfacing involves the addition of a concrete coating or an overlay, completely changing the top layer of a slab. This is ideal for repairing slabs with surface damage like cracks and dents. Refinishing, on the other hand, changes the finish of the slab and is often done on superficial or cosmetic issues. It is highly recommended for property owners to consult with a professional contractor to help determine which type of repair method is most appropriate.

Must-Try Concrete Refinishing Solutions

When a concrete slab has been evaluated and assessed, a contractor would be able to recommend the appropriate repair method for updating or enhancing its form and function. Here are the top refinishing options you should know about:

  • Stained Concrete – Decorative concrete staining is one of the most efficient coloring methods. Both acid and water-based stains can effectively mask off stains and discoloration. It significantly enhances the look of any space with one, two, or a choice of multiple colors. Some contractors even custom-design patterns and images on slabs with the use of stains.
  • Polished Concrete – Polishing a slab removes a bit of the top layer, exposing a much more decent surface. This process involves the use of a grinding equipment with a set of abrasive pads that range from a coarse texture to a finer one.
  • Concrete Resealing – Sealers make surface shiny and protected. For sealed concrete driveway overlays and coatings that have gone dull, a new layer of sealer is needed. For bare slabs, a sealing process is highly recommended to seal off the slab’s open pores.

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If concrete resurfacing and refinishing is something you are interested in, it is important to hire someone who has the skill and experience to provide reliable services that yield impeccable results. Atlanta Concrete Artisans, a concrete refinishing company, has been in the business of refinishing concrete surfaces for more than 20 years now. Our skill and expertise are manifested in every single space we work on. We guarantee great results that would surely surpass your expectations.

But do not take our word for it. If you’re looking for a decorative concrete resurfacing or refinishing project, please do call or email us so we can discuss your ideas and answer your questions about concrete refinishing. We give free consultations and quotes.

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