Concrete Floors Atlanta, GA: Family-friendly & Cost-effective Interior Surfaces

Are you fed up with the sight of uninspiring and lackluster concrete floors within your Atlanta home? Does the presence of unsightly cracks, persistent stains, and bothersome imperfections on your interior surfaces trouble you endlessly?

Having plain, damaged concrete floors in your home can be quite a hassle. They not only lack visual appeal but also make cleaning and maintenance more challenging. Over time, they can become an eyesore, diminishing the overall aesthetics of your living spaces.

At Atlanta Concrete Artisans, we have the perfect solution for your interior concrete surfaces. Our team of skilled artisans specializes in turning dull and damaged concrete floors into beautiful, family-friendly, and cost-effective interior masterpieces.

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In the world of interior design and remodeling, concrete flooring in Atlanta has emerged as a versatile and stylish choice. When it comes to upgrading your space, consider the durability and sophistication that concrete floors bring to your home or office. Much like appliances and granite countertops add a touch of modern elegance, concrete floors offer a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. 

Paired with a carefully chosen backsplash and complemented by the warmth of hardwood, concrete floors become the foundation for a space that exudes sophistication and comfort. Add a dash of personality with area rugs and stylish furniture, and you have a complete, inviting environment. Our Atlanta-based company specializes in concrete flooring design, remodeling, and improvement services, ensuring that your space reflects your unique style and vision. Elevate your surroundings with the enduring beauty and practicality of concrete flooring.

Decorative Concrete Floor Solutions for Interior Surfaces

It is highly recommended to inspect your concrete floors when you can. Finding damage in its early stages gives you the opportunity to restore your concrete before the damage gets worse. If you are transitioning from a carpeted, tile, or wooden flooring, decorative concrete is also an ideal solution to enhance and improve the concrete foundation underneath. Here are some of the most popular options for interior floors:

  • Stained ConcreteConcrete stains are effective in disguising stains and the natural discoloration process of concrete. Stains come in acid and water-based form. Acid stains come in earthy tones and dry to a semi-translucent look. It contains metallic salts that induce a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with concrete, specifically with its lime and mineral content. The results are varying tones of the color that you chose, similar to that of stone or leather. Water-based stains, on the other hand, come in a wider range of colors, from pastels to metallics. It does not create special effects and, instead, dries to a uniform color that is consistent on all concrete floor areas.
  • Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy is highly recommended for garage floors but it can also be used on basement concrete. It is a two-part material that dries to a very hard and seamless surface, resistant to most types of damage. An epoxy floor is indeed a great option.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – This coating is similar to epoxy. It is also a two-part material that is resistant to most types of damage. A few key differences include its 1-day installation feature. It can be installed, dried, and used all in the same day, making it a popular option among commercial space owners.

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A home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place, away from the world outside. If the interior floors do not look safe and comfortable, where else would you go? Atlanta Concrete Artisans offer decorative concrete solutions that can make your home much sweeter than it has ever been. With our experienced team and a name trusted by countless clients, we specialize in Atlanta, GA patio resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing indoor concrete flooring Atlanta, GA for both residential homes and commercial establishments. Our concrete polishing services ensure not only the aesthetics but also the durability and quality that your space deserves, even in high-traffic areas. Explore our versatile flooring options and experience the benefits of a polished level of excellence for your business or personal sanctuary.

Call us today to request a free consultation and quote. The polished Atlanta, GA concrete flooring of your dreams is about to become a reality.

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