A well-built and well-maintained concrete driveway can last for over 20 years. This is why early signs of damage, like cracks and pits, indicate that something is wrong with how it was built or constructed. There are important things to consider when designing and installing a driveway. Here are some of the things you need to check to see if your driveway is going to last a long time.

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The subgrade underneath, which is often soil, needs to be compacted properly to make sure that it stays intact when the rain pours. A well-compacted subgrade will be strong enough to hold the subbase that goes on top of it and the concrete mix that will be poured on the subbase.


The subbase is that layer that goes on top of the subgrade. It is often made up of crushed sandstone or road base. This provides a workable surface upon which the concrete can be poured. Aside from that, it should also:

  • Be strong and supportive enough to keep the driveway from sinking
  • Be designed to make drainage possible and to protect it from frost
  • Help minimize costs by minimizing the need for more concrete material


It is very important to have a well-planned drainage system. Rainwater should never just flow from the driveway to the main road or to any parts of the property. Instead, the water should flow into a grated drain. Check your driveway and make sure that there is a drainage system installed and that it works effectively when it rains.


This is a very important part of a concrete driveway. Concrete is a porous material. To keep it from absorbing water or dirt dust. It also locks in any color or design you have integrated to make your driveway stand out. Check to see if your driveway is indeed sealed. If you notice dull or flat areas, consult a pro to come take a look. A resealing might need to be done on it.

It is highly recommended to plan a concrete driveway project with these things in mind. All these should help guarantee that your driveway will last for two decades or more. If you already have an existing driveway, check to see for any damage. Consult a pro to come inspect your concrete and check for any issues that might cause future issues.

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