The ordinary grey floor has so much more about it than having it as your sturdy steps at home. While you can see concrete flooring everywhere, you still do not know everything about it.

What Exactly is concrete? Did you ever wonder? Today’s blog with Atlanta concrete tells you everything you need to know about everybody’s all-time favorite grey flooring.

Well, there is more to what people have to know about it.

Some of them are:

  • Can you measure the Strength of Concrete? How?
  • How Long Does Concrete Take to Cure? …
  • Is Concrete Always Gray? …
  • Does Concrete Require Maintenance? …
  • Is Cracking Normal? …
  • How Is Concrete Measured? …
  • Is Concrete Recyclable?
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Here are answering the 10 FAQs about the concrete floor.

How many years does a concrete floor last?

What is concrete exactly?

Ultimately concrete floors last up to 30 years. This is why people on the upper east side of the State love handing down their properties to their loved ones. 

A home’s value increases as years go by. Also, renovation cost cuts when an owner does not need to change the flooring system on a regular basis.

As plain as to how it looks, the answer to this is simple. Concrete is the mix of materials used for construction projects. 

The material you got using for the floors contains cement, sand, aggregates of stones, and other minerals.

Does the concrete have other colors?

How can you say that concrete is durable?

Another way to ask this question: why is concrete only grey? 

Although many ask this, usually the answer is that concrete floors can have other colors as well. 

This is why nowadays, people are looking for decorative concrete. 

The resurfacing methods now that you can do to create custom designs and apply coloring to the concrete.

Are you also one of the skeptics to concrete? While you have heard many times that concrete floors are durable, some still shrug this truth off.

 Now here is how you can tell the strength of concrete. In a scientific way, it is measured using compression and flexural machinery.

Another way to tell concrete strength is through the measure of water used to mix the solid materials and how compressed and intact the solid parts are put together.

Is there a difference between concrete and cement?

Can an old concrete look appealing?

YES, there is. To make things simpler, let concrete be defined as the product of combining aggregates, stone, cement, and paste. 

So, concrete has a cement mixer in it.

Another big YES! Of course, you can make concrete look beautiful!

 Most people ask this because selling old properties with concrete floors can be challenging when it is time for remodeling or renovation.

 The old concrete flooring in a house does not need to be removed. You can resurface it to achieve a brand new look.

How long does concrete take to cure?

Does concrete flooring need maintenance?

This is an important question, so take note. Concrete steps used for homes and commercial spaces need at least 3-7 days to cure. 

Also, it depends on how thick the concrete is. Full complete curing takes up until 28 days. From here, the concrete flooring is ready for walking and use.

Concrete still needs maintenance even if many consider it durable and long-lasting. 


Also, you need to consider things to avoid if you have concrete floors, especially outdoors.

Is it normal to have cracks on concrete?

Can you resume old concrete?

Cracks on the concrete are normal. You will see this on floors and walls. But, you do not have to live with this normal forever. 

Cracks are major concrete damages that lead to severe flooring failure.

 Make it also part of your normal to call on a concrete resurfacing provider to end this type of “normal.”

Yes! You can reuse your existing concrete floors! Growing cracks are typical concrete damage. Resurfacing the concrete is the best way to prevent them from increasing badly. 

You need to install a concrete overlay. It will not cost you buckets of cash to patch the cracks and restore any damaged concrete flooring.

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