Polished concrete floors add gleam and sheen that complements any area of in the household. It’s not just a hygienic and hypoallergenic option. It also adds aesthetic appeal. Paired with thoughtfully selected furnishings, this can be great for any design you’re going for. Whether it be industrial-chic, modern or vintage interiors. In this article, you’ll find furniture ideas that complement polished concrete floors.

Metal Hardware and Accents

For an industrial-chic look, furniture with metal accents is the ideal choice. The metals perfectly complement earthy-tones prevalent in this aesthetic. Go for ones with shiny golds or silvers to match the gleaming polished concrete floor. On the other hand, aged metals are great for adding contrast. Feminine and masculine elements mix well with this aesthetic.

metal furnitures

Asymmetrical Furniture/Geometric Lines

Furniture design to be asymmetrical adds an interesting flair to the modern home design. Asymmetrical features are commonly seen in contemporary homes. Furniture with geometric lines as detail makes for a sophisticated look. Both furniture designs when combined with polished concrete, provide a dynamic feel that’s never dull or boring. Soften up harsh lines with feathered textures when choosing decor.

geometric lines for polished concrete floors

Timeless Vintage for A Classic Feel

Vintage pieces are not practical and exude timeless beauty. Whitewashed wood cabinets look gorgeous against polished concrete floors. Rustic decor adds to the simple charm of vintage interior design as well. Adding a pop of solid color to cushion sofas is an easy way to keep things in the now. Vintage pieces can be found in antique shops or garage sales. All it will need is some tweaking and customization.

rustic piece on polished concrete floor

Varying Hues for a Pop of Color

Polished concrete floors are a great neutral canvass for colorful furniture. Choose a monochromatic color palette for a modern feel. If you are up for a challenge, a triadic complementary color scheme is ideal. Go for splashes of color with hardware, fixtures or other furniture elements. Play with texture to add movement to furniture pieces such as the tables and seatings.

Varying Hues for a Pop of Color

Aside from polished concrete, there are many flooring options available. Decorative concrete floors allow you to have the home interiors of your dreams. Contact a licensed contractor for a successful concrete flooring project. For more information on options for your concrete floor in Atlanta, visit our homepage. Read through our blog for more decorative concrete articles. You can also visit and take a look at our service pages to learn more.

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