Experience is a huge factor when it comes to hiring a concrete driveway contractor. However, it is also important to note that experience is not merely the number of years that a contractor has spent in the industry, but should also contain skills and expertise gained in those years. It is easy to say that they have been in the business for several years. It could be true but how many projects exactly have they handled and what is the quality of their work? Here are practices that indicate the quality of experience of a concrete driveway contractor.

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  • Planning Ahead

A reliable contractor plans ahead. One of the things they need to consider is the weather. The job must be scheduled when the weather forecast is warm and sunny. The plan should be detailed and there should also be backups just in case there are unavoidable circumstances that could delay the project.

  • Proper Gear and Equipment

An experienced contractor should by now have the top equipment and gear that proves most effective for the job they have to do. Installers should be at the work site in full working gear all the time. This goes to show how serious they are about their job and how much they value safety.

  • Organized Process

Whether it is an installation or repair, the contractor must have a solid process. From cleaning the driveway to applying a concrete driveway sealer, the process is followed to a T. The preparation stage should also be well done, making sure that plants and other stuff around the driveway is protected from the overlay or coating being installed. Ask a contractor to walk you through the process and they should be able to.

  • Cleans Up Afterwards

A pro knows to clean up their mess. This includes putting things in its proper order, removing dirt and debris, and disposing of items that need to be thrown. The resurfaced or refinished concrete driveway should be clean and ready for immediate use after they are done.

  • Care Sheet

A care sheet is a list that contractors give their customers with the specific information they could use for years to come. This includes the type of repair or installation done, the overlay, coating, or sealer used, and the proper cleaning and maintenance required, among other stuff. This is crucial because in case the time comes for the driveway to be resealed, the owner would be able to determine immediately what type of user to reseal it with.

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