To homeowners, a pool area is an investment. For children, however, it is a haven for water fun and enjoyment with siblings and friends. Kids are carefree and couldn’t care any less about safety. This is why you should make sure that the pool deck design aims to prevent, if not eliminate, any possibility of danger.

  • Investing in Slip-Resistant Deckspool deck knock down finish atlanta

Safety is one of those things that you don’t skimp on when investing in a pool deck. Sometimes, the most efficient features cost the most. When it comes to pool deck surfaces, however, there are inexpensive ways to make it safer against slips and falls. A stamped overlay or spray texture can be added to an existing concrete deck to improve its look and traction. The texture they provide is evident enough to keep people from slipping and falling but subtle enough to be comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

  • Railings and Barriersswimming pool railings

Most pools only add railings that aid in going down the steps. If you have kids, it might be nice to install more than that. If you don’t want anything permanent, since kids will grow up sooner than you think, there are portable options. There are railings, fences, and gates that can be detached if you need to clear the pool deck for a party or something. Make sure to choose those that children can not climb.

  • baja shelf swimming poolChoosing a Pool Entry

The basic types of pool entries are steps, baja shelf, and beach entry. Forget about ladders. It is not practical and convenient for children. The most common is a set of steps that go into the pool. If you choose this, make sure that the height of each step is comfortable enough for short legs. A baja shelf is a wide pool step that extends several feet further, creating a shelf where small kids and pets could walk and wade in the water without getting in too deep. A beach entry is a slight slope, great for handicapped people in wheelchairs. Kids would also love how they can gradually enter the pool at their own pace and at a level they feel safest at.

  • Make Safety Gear Accessiblepool toys storage

Create a spot on the pool deck where safety gear is stored and ready for use. This should have a first-aid kit, swim rings, ropes, life vests, and more. Educate your children on how to use such gear and brief them about its importance.

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