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How can you make your home decor perfect for your pets? Whether that’s to keep your furniture safe from claws and fur or if you’re looking for ways to make your pets more comfortable at home, we have 8 tips that can transform your home into a haven for people and pets alike.

1. Install storage systems that can keep collectibles and valuables safe

It is inevitable that one of your pets will eventually knock something precious off a counter or a shelf and completely shatter it. By installing storage systems that shut close or storage systems that are high off the ground with no way for your cat to jump onto it, you can add a new home decor element that keeps your things safe from your pets.

2. Choose paw-safe fabrics

Whether you fear sharp claws tearing into your fabrics or dirty paws leaving stains, picking the right fabric can alleviate that fear. Choose tightly-woven and durable fabrics that can easily be washed like denim or thick cotton for your furnishings. Leather is also a good choice if you aren’t worried about deep claw marks.

3. Buy furniture that is close to your pet’s coloring

Pets will shed on any furniture they lounge on. Instead of aggressively going over all your furniture with a lint roller every time you spot fur, buy furniture close to your pet’s fur color. This can help camouflage a lot of the fur that sheds, and it can also be a cute way to integrate your pet into your home decor.

4. Skip solid colors

Fur, claw marks, and stains from dirty paw are more obvious on furnishings with solid colors. If you plan on buying furniture that you know your pets will use, look into furnishings with small-scale patterns and textures that can help hide any fur shedding.

5. Give them a window view

Pets love looking outside. Give them a good view by installing a low stool or couch by the window where they can climb up and gaze outwards. Just make sure the furniture by the window is durable enough to withstand their use.

6. Choose durable flooring

Concrete floors are extremely durable and perfect for homes with pets. Not only can they withstand regular wear and tear, but they can also be made to be slip-resistant and stain-resistant. If you are looking for a concrete stamping or concrete repair Atlanta contractor, we can install beautiful concrete creations for your home and pets.

7. Decorate with area rugs

On top of your durable concrete floors, you can also place area rugs that can also double as spaces for pets to lounge. Rugs keep fur off the floors and can also add color and texture to any space.

8. Have a cleaning stash nearby

There is nothing worse than having a pet vomit on your furniture and having to scramble around to find something to clean it with. In rooms that you know your pets frequent, arrange a small supply of cleaning materials like a rag and cleaning solution nearby that you can use to immediately respond to any vomit.

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