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Concrete is one of the most versatile material that is available in the market today. It can be customized based on your desired look, durable, and it is relatively easy to maintain compared to other materials such as tile, wood, linoleum, marble, or stone. You also can choose from a variety of design options that would perfectly match the overall design of your existing architectural finishes.

Dull and plain concrete flooring can now be enhanced through decorative treatment. This type of option is affordable and eco-friendly compared to other available options out there.

If you are considering to shift from concrete flooring or simply want to beautify your existing concrete, here are the pros & cons of choosing to use this type of material.

Pros & Cons

Although concrete floorings provide several benefits, there are also some drawbacks. You may compare them with each other to know if the concrete flooring is the right option for you.
  • Can be customized based on your budget
  • Wide range of decorative options
  • Low maintenance 
  • Can last for many years (50 years and up) 
  • Moisture and stain resistant
  • Friendly for pet owners 
  • Eliminates home allergens
  • The flooring can be heated through a radiant system 
  • No VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Requires periodic resealing
  • Requires rugs for warmth and comfort
  • The surface can become slippery when water is poured
  • Patching can be time-consuming
  • Cracking may develop overtime

Concrete Flooring Can Be Used on The Following Areas

lobby commercial concrete floor atlanta

Stylish concrete flooring creates a good impression to your guests and visitors. Aside from that, choosing concrete flooring for your lobby is relatively easy to clean, handles foot traffic well, and resists any stains, making it an excellent choice for busy areas of home or business.

bathroom concrete flooring atlanta

The perfect concrete flooring for the bathroom should be something that is durable, spill and moisture resistant, durable, easy to maintain, and stylish. Concrete flooring for bathroom floors can also be heated through a radiant heater to make it more comfortable for the feet.


Kitchen areas are often used compared to other spaces of residential or commercial properties. Due to this, the kitchen flooring should have the most durable surface. Making use of concrete withstands heavy elements and resists possible stains. You can also choose from a wide variety of design options.

basement concrete flooring atlanta

Concrete flooring is a perfect choice for basement floors since it is resistant to moisture. Basement flooring is prone to ground moisture, which can possibly cause flooding. You now have an option to get rid of dumped carpet or dilapidated wood and transforming your flooring into a more sustainable surface.

garage flooring atlanta

Through concrete flooring, a garage can now be transformed into an attractive space. Design options also vary from polished or sealed finishes with multiple color combinations to choose from.

commercial flooring atlanta
Commercial Spaces

Concrete flooring offers durability and limitless design options that are suitable for heavy foot traffic areas. Choosing concrete flooring is perfect for commercial properties such as offices, schools, stores, restaurants, churches, and industrial establishments.


The best thing about choosing concrete flooring is that its design or finish can be based on your budget, making it affordable for everyone. For designs that are comparable to linoleum, ceramic tile, carpet, and vinyl, it cost $2 – $6 per square foot.

On the other hand, bamboo, hardwood, and laminate like designs cost $7 – $14 per square foot. Slate, travertine, terrazzo, and marble designs cost $15 – $30 per square foot.

Opting for concrete flooring can also increase the value of your property, especially if you have a plan resell or have your property rented out. New owners have an option to easily change the design of the existing concrete flooring or keep the current flooring that way.

If you wanted to start a concrete project to improve or simply beautify the appearance of your home or business areas. Make sure to choose a professional and experienced concrete contractor around your area to achieve quality results.

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