Designing the outdoors often challenges home and property owners. That is why, on most occasions, they call experts in Atlanta concrete patio. Professional concrete contractors do not just lay out the plan and pour concrete over your exterior floors. If you call on a team specializing in applying exterior floors, they will complete the job, beginning with designing to finishing. 

Patio revamp is an exciting project! Once you witness how the outdoor floors get a facelift from being chaotic to looking chic, it’s gives you a sense of fulfillment. 

Not all the time you spend moments outside. Inside where the interiors are found, is where all the work happens. Having an eye for design is also necessary for exterior improvement. Your takeaway from having an artist’s perspective to design is that keeping your indoors organized fulfills your personal preference. 

Have other people appreciate your properties when you display a seamless, beautiful outdoor aesthetic. Learn the tips with an expert’s perspective on how to recreate your outdoor spaces in today’s post!


atlanta concrete patio
patio beside the pool

1- Coupling Light and Shadows

Light and shadows are art’s main elements. Every painting, sculpting, photo-taking, and design relies on how light reflects on the objects. Then shades are elements that contrast the right parts to illuminate the one that needs projection.


An artist will not rely on costly crafts. They will use what is mostly undermined. Many experts will recommend adding light accents and shading furniture in your outdoor living spaces because of this basic theory. 


Add lights to set the mood. Put on some shade, like makeshift roofs from old blankets or unused linens. Create a well-balanced light and shadow, placing furniture and accents in the right corners and spaces. Light plays perfectly when it hit the concrete floors. When you cast a shade above your open patios or pavilion, the natural light will refract, creating subtle shadows that give a sense of calm and quiet. 

2- Expert on Basic Color Theory

Admit it; not all have a good sense of colors, especially when trying to work from the grey concrete ground. The color wheel is not a friendly tool for some. That is the reason why sometimes, designing outdoors is left to the experts. Learning color theories gives the pros the license to touch and turn-around the concrete floors and structures in your patios.

In choosing the color, some artist uses themes as complementary or monochrome. Complementary color uses contrasting tones, but together they make a perfect couple. Monochromes use the same shade of a particular tint. This is a tricky concept because focusing on one color makes some people produce boring outcomes.

Get inspiration from Steve Martino, a landscape artist. He combines neutral earthy, plain background with broad, contrasting accents of furniture to landscape the backyards. Check out his works online to have a primary picture of pairing loud colors over timid desert sceneries.

3- Match the Bare, Cold Concrete with Other Textures

When trying to bring the indoors to the outdoors, choosing the right material is the key. To choose the right stuff, consider the textures. Do you ever wonder why the soft, subtle linens on the sofa work well with a concrete floor on the patio? It uses texture principles.

Feel and look at the material that you want to include in your outdoor living rooms. Below are designer-approved materials suitable for the outdoors. Set these up and find them matching with concrete surfaces.

Matching Outdoor Materials

  • Teak- hardwood chairs
  • Shorea – tropical, ornamental plants
  • Resin wicker chairs- perfect for neutral styled concrete patios
  • White-metal and stell lounging chairs and beds – lounging areas needs this sturdy furniture for relaxing 
  •  Soft white fabric- for covering the cushions outdoors, especially for locations with hot, lazy summer seasons
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