Maintaining a stamped concrete surface may be minimal but it is still absolutely necessary. Even if the surface has been sealed, it could acquire damage if it is neglected. So, as a guide for you, as a homeowner with a stamped concrete surface to maintain, here are the dos and don’ts of maintaining your concrete space:

Do’s: Keep these Things in Mind

  • Do use a gentle cleaning product if you must use one when washing a stamped surface. The cleaner should be able to remove stubborn dirt on the surface and in between the grooves without damaging it.
  • Do use a garden hose to rinse the stamped area after washing it. The gentle flow of water will be enough to remove soap and dirt without affecting the sealer.
  • Do reseal your stamped concrete spaces every two years. If those areas experience high traffic, reseal it a bit sooner than that. This will ensure that the concrete is protected from harmful elements.
  • Do train your pets to not relieve themselves on a stamped surface. Their pee is quite acidic and could cause damage on the surface over time.

Don’ts: Make Sure to Avoid These

  • Don’t water plants with fertilizers especially if they are near a stamped concrete patio or driveway. Aside from the fact that it is not safe for the plants, kids, and pets, the acidic property of the fertilizer might break down the sealer and cause damage to the concrete.
  • Don’t use a pressure washer unless necessary. It is a good way to remove stubborn dirt but it should be minimized. The pressure of the water could affect damage the stamped surface.
  • Don’t use de-icing salts during winter. Although they are effective in maintaining traction, they could break down the sealer and penetrate the concrete slab. Instead, use sand.
  • Don’t shovel snow or ice on a stamped concrete driveway. The metal edge of the shovel might chip the concrete.
  • Don’t drag equipment or furniture on the stamped concrete. The sharp edges and weight could scratch the sealer off or chip the surface.

These do’s and don’ts may require some work on your end but it is important to follow them if you want to enjoy your stamped concrete surfaces for a longer time. If you need more, consult a licensed contractor for reliable tips on how to maintain a stamped concrete surface.

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