When it comes to creating stand-out designs for improving garage flooring, epoxy coatings provide the most options. Wood and stone can only achieve so much. More than that, it also makes any concrete garage floor durable, tough, and easier to clean and maintain. If you are sick and tired of your boring garage floor, here are cool ways you can spice it up using epoxy coatings.

  • garage floor glittersSparkle and Shine with Glitter

Now, this is not the typical glitter that little girls add to their nails or hair. Installers add metallic flakes to the coating to make the floor look a bit layered and to add a dramatic sparkle and shine to it. You won’t have to worry about getting blinded since the sparkle is quite subtle. You can choose from a wide selection of metallic flake colors and you can even choose from small to large flake sizes. If you want something a bit more on the intergalactic side, there are holographic and iridescent metallic types.

  • Loud, Wacky Garage Floor Patternsgarage floor pattern

Epoxy is a highly versatile coating. Although the most common patterns created are abstract and stone-like, skilled artisans can actually create a more uniform, controlled pattern. If you have a really wide garage, larger and bolder patterns can be used to emphasize its size. Smaller and busier patterns are more ideal for smaller spaces to make it look a bit larger than it really is. If you want a modern or contemporary look, go monochromatic and choose patterns that are quite geometrical. If you want something that looks more sporty, why not a checkered pattern on the garage floor?

  • Realistic 3D Garage Flooring Designsgarage floor 3d design

3D images on floors are such a huge trend nowadays. Not only in commercial spaces but also in residential homes. Why not have one on your garage floor? This is done by laying out a 3D image, which is cut and customized to fit your exact space, on the floor. The image is then topped off with a clear epoxy floor coating to keep it in place and to provide an extra layer of protection and durability. Designs may vary from bodies of water, animals, and more.

The possibilities are endless! If you want to redo the garage flooring to something less boring, epoxy coatings are more than qualified to make that happen. Have a super unique idea? Discuss with a local installer to make it a reality.

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